Best Companies – why employee engagement matters

Posted by Octink on Feb 25, 2016 6:00:56 PM

It’s no secret that having an highly engaged workforce is the secret to organisational success. Employee satisfaction comes from creating an atmosphere that has employees feeling valued, respected, and more importantly part of the bigger picture.

We teamed up with Best Companies in 2016 as a way to effectively manage and measure individual employee job satisfaction. The results were very encouraging! In fact, we have recently been awarded an accreditation by Best Companies! We are very proud of this recognition as it highlights the excellent engagement we have with our employees. Best Companies reward companies that link a focus on workplace engagement with success and growth, so it is really great to have been formally recognised.

The Best Companies evaluation process is tough, and while accreditation is just one, very welcome, outcome of this whole process, we’re delighted that the results proved that as a company we are engaged on such a deep level with our workforce. In our opinion every company should strive to operate in this manner as it lends itself to excellent internal and external communication, high performance, and a business that can only thrive going forward.

We spend most of our day at work, so anything we can do to improve employee working life and make Octink a great place to work can only benefit everyone as a whole. This can start on the ground level, improving working relationships between employees and line managers for example. there are also a wide range of employee engagement strategies in place here, from Summer BBQs, parties, and staff recognition schemes. The aim of these endeavours is to create a sense of ‘family’, and to make sure that everyone is striving for the same thing during the working day.

In addition, each member of staff here has an individual and tailored employee development plan. This way, no one is stationary in their journey here at Octink. Everyone has the opportunity to learn, develop, and progress through the company. As employees progress and earn more responsibility, they gain a further insight into the company, and further become engrained in the fabric of Octink, and indeed, its future.

The take-away: If you’re a business owner, what can you do today to make your employees feel that they’re more than a body in a seat? How can you let them know that each and every one of them has a hand in the success and future of your company? After all, your entire operation depends on your workforce!

Who we are: Octink is a specialised producer of Signage, Display Graphics, Events & Exhibitions and Hoardings. Our highly motivated and engaged workforce work tirelessly, offering an ‘end-to-end’ project service. From initial concept and design, through production, all the way to survey and on-site install – we do it all for you. If you’d like to talk to a staff member about a particular project you have in mind, please contact us here today to get started. Finally, if you’d like to see what our clients say about our work, and our team, you can read their thoughts here!


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