Colouring the property market

Posted by Octink on Jul 15, 2014 11:08:10 AM

In today’s brand-conscious world, companies are becoming increasingly design-orientated and detail focussed. Indeed, they are recognising how important it is for branding to be consistent at every stage of the customer buying process. They understand that their customers see their brand as representative of the quality of their product and service offering.

For some in the signage and graphic markets, this means upping their game on the colour management front. Colour makes an immediate impression on audiences, making an instant impact on one’s perception of a brand. Understanding this, brands want a high standard across the board, and they select service providers accordingly. Who can begrudge them that?


In the construction and property sector, we’re increasingly the power of synchronised branding on their potential investors. Whether that is a mile of advertising hoarding along the perimeter of a construction site or a full multi-channel journey – from website and printed brochures through to on-site signage and of course the marketing suite – it is paramount to replicate the same colour precisely and consistently at each stage. This helps to ensure that every encounter the customer has with the brand will be the same.

To achieve this, brand owners need to work with a service provider who has high colour management standards and takes care to select the right materials and finishes to provide consistently high quality. Brand owners may not be completely familiar with the more technical aspects of colour management, viewing a design ‘on-screen’ for example may mislead a decision on colour unless viewed under controlled conditions.


At Octink, a dedicated colour lab has been set up where lighting is carefully controlled and where we are able to provide customers with a ‘spectroproof’ that accurately represents what they have specified and matches it to the FOGRA 39L standard.  This gives them complete confidence that what they have specified is what will appear on the hoarding, digital wallpaper or whatever else we are printing for them. By working this way, we become co-designers with the brand owner, working together to create a seamless experience that gives the customer sufficient confidence in the brand to trust it for their investment.

So important is colour that our customers are now frequent visitors to our premises in West London to put our colour management capabilities to the test, and to see what impact colour can have when it’s used to create a holistic brand experience.  Great collaboration at work!

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