Risk management: a positive approach to growth & sustainability

Posted by Octink on May 16, 2017 2:03:12 PM

Professionalism, quality, risk management, compliance and care. Each one of these is more than a word to us at Octink, because each one is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is producing and installing hundreds of meters of advertising hoarding around a construction site or delivering a giant building wrap, we are continually striving to professionalise everything we do.Building Wrap at Nova SW1. Printed, risk management and installation by Octink.

Take a look at almost any building site in London today and you’ll see that messy, unsafe sites ringed with rickety fencing are a thing of the past. We’re moving toward an industry where construction sites are safe, efficient and a great advertisement for the industry.

Advertising hoarding at London Wall Place. Printed, risk management and installation by Octink.

At Octink, we’ve worked on the biggest and most significant construction projects for many years and have been in a position to experience the two ways in which this transformation is happening – both compliance and presentation are top priorities for all of our construction industry clients.

You can see how important compliance is clearly in the sheer number of health and safety pre-qualification schemes out there. We’re committed to creating safe environments and a safe industry, which is why we’re accredited by three separate SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) accreditation schemes, including Achilles, SafeContractor, and SMAS.

Advertising hoarding and flex face lightbox at Battersea Power Station. Printed, risk management and installation by Octink.

We always work to identify what customers want and deliver against this, and compliance is no different – the bar is constantly being raised and we work to adapt to meet their evolving needs. Keeping up with this is always a challenge, but compliance builds the foundations for trust and we find that customers want to build long term relationships with suppliers who they can trust and rely on.

Advertising hoarding and building wrap at The Corniche. Printed, risk management and installation by Octink.

We understand that sensible and proportionate risk management at home is also integral to delivering business growth, and at Octink we’ve recently embraced the 5s method of workplace organisation within our Brentford production facility to help promote good housekeeping on a sustainable level. This in turn benefits the quality management approach that our customers demand – a win win situation!

Advertising hoarding at South Bank Place. Printed, risk management and installation by Octink.

The industry is changing for the better and we’re extremely proud to be a part of its evolution.

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