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Posted by Octink on May 15, 2014 12:38:20 PM

A major factor when planning a signage or other branding structure in the UK is the weather. With constantly changing weather conditions, things like wind-loading, geographical location, and the required service life of a structure are all vital considerations. How can you ensure that you’re getting structurally sound signage that will survive all conditions?

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In fact, the structural integrity of outdoor signage and graphics is a key issue in the UK signage industry at the moment. There are already a number of standards that cover this area, but at Octink we believe that these should go further. We’d like to see CE marking of signage becoming mandatory. That will be a big step for the industry, but it is important as it will mean that no-one will be able to put unsafe or sub-standard signage out there.


The hurricane-force winds and severe rainstorms that the UK experienced in the winter of 2014 showed just how crucial it is to erect signage that can stand up to the elements safely. At Octink that is something that we’ve always been conscious of, and we are very careful about what signage (and other structures) we put up and how.

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We focus on planning the design and specification of each project to ensure that it will not only meet the client’s needs, but will also be fit for purpose and will be durable and stable for as long as it is required, whatever the weather. For example, we do work for a lot of property and construction clients on high profile riverside property developments in London. These are often exposed sites where wind-loading is very important, as is the impact of adjacent buildings which tends to create unusual wind patterns that whip around sites and new buildings in almost tornado-like wind actions. So the combination of using the right materials is vital, as is making sure that your design is appropriate and meets all relevant standards.

We’re committed to a safe signage industry and we hope to see legislation about the CE marketing of signage soon. We’re proud to supply structurally sound signage to the UK and rest of the world.

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